About Us

Our vision is being a Church in the community.
Our mission is to bring families and communities together.


Pastor Don Pinero is married to his beautiful wife Gwendolyn, whom he adores. They have four grown children and three grandchildren. Pastor Don has been in Ministry for 15 years and has been Pastoring for 7 years. His love for Ministry and God's people is great. He enjoys what God has called him to do. Souls are very important to him. He travels near and far spreading the good news of Jesus. He loves networking with other ministries doing Prison Ministry, feeding the homeless, community service, Habitat for Humanity and building up God's people in the faith.

He loves spending quality time with his wife. When he's not preaching, he's involved in motivational speaking events and mentoring the youth. He participates in programs such as Teens Against Violence, AIDS Awareness, Red Cross and many others. In his spare time he loves going to the movies, eating, playing volleyball, reading history, swimming and traveling. He lives a simple well rounded life, family is very important to him.

Pastor Gwendolyn Pinero has been in Ministry for 24 years and has been Pastoring for 20 years. She was a nurse for 22 years and has a passion for people and health. She has a host of Ministers, Bishops and Pastors in her family. She's traveled the world speaking in women and men's conferences and revivals. She enjoys what God has called her to do. She enjoys singing, swimming, reading, playing computer games, eating, shopping, comedy, movies, writing, sky diving, riding motorcycles, outdoor adventures and family. She loves spending quality time with her husband and drinking her Starbucks. Pastor Don and Gwendolyn are truly a well rounded family that loves God and what he's called them to do. As she constantly says, "Life is only a moment, live your life and be happy!!







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